Allu Arjun Dress Style – 8 Dress Style Of Allu Arjun + 1 Bonus Tip

Allu Arjun Dress Style – If you also want to be stylish like Allu Arjun, then read this article completely about the Allu Arjun Dressing Sense.

Whenever you see Allu Arjun, then by seeing his dressing style, you must definitely think that how does this guy matching such dressing?

Hey my brother, if it was such an easy thing then everyone would have become a Stylish Star.

If Allu Arjun had no speciality in Fashion sense, he would not have got the title of Stylish Star. So here I will breakdown Allu Arjun dress style so that you can enhance your dressing style too.

If you have applied the style given here in your dressing sense, then your dressing style will be much better. This is my guarantee.

It does not matter whether you are fair or black, lean or fat. Just you have to follow this article and see the magic.

In this article, we will give an in-depth analysis of Allu Arjun dress style and Last also has a bonus tip, don’t miss it at all.

What fashion tricks can we learn from Allu Arjun dress style?

If we first look at the fashion sense of Mr Arjun, then one thing that comes to our mind and that is “Layering“.

But the point is that what is layering?

📌 Layered clothing is a term describing A way of dressing using many garments that are worn on top of each other…

📌 Using more or fewer layers, or replacing one layer but not others allows for flexible clothing to match the needs of each situation…

If you do not understand this definition, here is the meaning of layering in simple language.

✔️ When we wear two or more garments one after the other, it is called layering.

Some important things you must understand before proceeding the Allu Arjun dress style.

  1. One Layer Layering – When you wear only one garment on the top (chest) of your body is called one layer layering.
  2. Upper Wear – When you wear a garment on the top (chest) of your body it is called upper wear.
  3. Bottom Wear – When you wear a garment on the lower part (waist to toe) of your body it is called bottom wear.
  4.  Two Layer Layering – When you wear two garments on the top (chest) of your body is called two-layer layering.

If you look at Mr Arjun’s layering, it mainly divides into two categories.

  1. One or Two Colour Layering
  2. Lightest To Strongest or Strongest To Lightest Colour Layering
Monochromatic Look

Now let us know about these layering in deep.

What is one colour layering?

One colour layering can also be called monochromatic layering.

When you select one colour and layering it with its different shades. As we can clearly see in this photo.

Here Allu Arjun has used blue colour in 1st layering (Bottom Layer) and shade colour of 1st layering (Bottom Layer) colour light Buff in 2nd layering (Upper Layer).

Colour and its Shades Colour

Shades of Black Colour



Black bean

Black olive

Café noir


Dark purple


Eerie black




Midnight blue



Outer space

Oxford blue

Raisin black

Russian violet

Smoky black

Shades of Blue Colour

Air Force blue

Air superiority blue

Alice blue


Azure white

Baby blue

Bice blue

Bleu de France



Bondi blue

Brandeis blue

Byzantine blue


Carolina blue



Cobalt blue

Columbia Blue

Cornflower blue


Dark blue


Dodger blue

Duke blue

Egyptian blue

Electric blue

Federal blue


Electric indigo

Ice blue


Indigo dye

International Klein Blue


Light blue

Majorelle Blue

Marian blue

Maya blue

Medium blue

Medium slate blue

Midnight blue

Navy blue

Neon blue

Non-photo blue

Oxford Blue

Pacific blue

Palatinate blue

Penn Blue


Persian blue

Phthalo blue

Powder blue

Prussian blue

Robin egg blue

Royal blue


Savoy blue

Sky blue

Slate blue

Steel blue

Teal blue

Tiffany Blue

True Blue

Tufts Blue





Vivid sky blue

Shades of Brown Colour








Brown sugar



Burnt sienna

Burnt umber







Cocoa Brown





Desert sand

Drab dark brown

Earth yellow




Field drab


Golden brown


Harvest gold








Raw umber






Sandy brown

Satin sheen gold

Seal brown








Walnut brown



For more colour and its shades click here

What is two colour layering?

In two colour layering, the bottom layer is either light colour or the bottom layer and bottom wear are both the same colour and the upper layer is a bright colour.

Just one thing you have to take special care that the two colors you have used are complementing each other.

Eye-catching and cool colour combinations for 2020

Living Coral

Pacific Coast

Ultra Violet

Blooming Dahlia


Warm Sand





Sailor Blue



Lime Punch

Cherry Tomato

Rapture Rose

Forest Green

Moss Green

Royal Blue



Cream Gold


Blazing Yellow

Sky Blue




Island Green


Bright Red

Cyber Yellow

For more colours combination click here

What is lightest to strongest colour layering?

When we have two layer layers, the pattern of the bottom layer that is in it should be about 10% to 20% or not at all, ie. it should be a plain colour.

And the pattern of the upper layer that is in it should be about 80% to 90%, ie. the upper layer has heavy patterns.

In Simple term, Your bottom layer should have light patterns and the upper layer should have strong patterns.

Plain t-shirt with the Patterned shirt

Now move to next Allu Arjun’s dress style.

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What is strongest to lightest colour layering?

When we have two layer layers, the pattern of the upper layer that is in it should be about 80% to 90%, ie. the upper layer has heavy patterns.

And the pattern of the bottom layer that is in it should be about 10% to 20% or not at all, ie. it should be a plain colour.

In Simple term, Your upper layer should have light patterns and the bottom layer should have strong patterns.

Patterned shirt with plain blazer

Three Layer Layering in Allu Arjun dress style

Allu Arjun Dress Style

Three-layer layering is the main highlighted factor in Allu Arjun’s dress style.

If you ever have three layers layering, then you will know how difficult it is to manage. But if you look at the Allu Arjun’s dress style and layering three layers in it, then you will get a hack.

And that hack is Lightest to Strongest to Lightest layering.

In this photo, Mr. Arjun has done three-layer layering, in which his first layer is a light (without patterns) coloured T-shirt, the second layer is a patterned shirt and the third layer is a light (without patterns) coloured jacket.

You can also try this hack (Lightest to Strongest to Lightest layering) with the three-layer suit.

You can choose a plain (without patterns) shirt, patterned waistcoat and plain (without patterns) blazer to make a three-layer suit.

Believe me, when you go to any function and party, a lot of people have made this mistake. But you do not have to make this mistake. So let’s talk about it.

Next thing we can learn from Allu Arjun’s dress style and that is pocket square.

How to Perfect Match Pocket Square with Your Dress?

It is generally believed that the pocket square is to coincide with our tie but this is completely wrong.

There are two rules for applying pocket square in your dress.

Rule No. #1 Match your pocket square to the shirt. (Pocket square colour and shirt colour should be the same)

white pocket square with the white shirt

Rule No. #2 If you haven’t matching colour pocket square then it should be a different colour from your dress. (You have to use a pocket square of colour that complements the colour of your dress but it is different from the colour of the dress)

Red pocket square with white shirt

How Allu Arjun match his Bottom wear and Upper wear in Casual Dress?

Whenever you see the dress style of Allu Arjun, one thing you will definitely notice is that the single layer layering of his is a perfect match with the bottom wear and upper wear.

His bottom wear is of plain colour or single solid colour and his upper wear is patterned.

If you look carefully at their upper wear, then you will definitely notice that the pattern colour of the upper wear is similar to the colour of the bottom wear.

Patterned shirt with the plain pant

You can also reverse it, in which there will be patterns in the bottom wear, but that pattern should have the colour of your upper wear. Yes, but your upper wear should be of plain colour.

Next thing we can learn from the dress style of Allu Arjun which is the monochromatic look and he has mastered it.

What is monochromatic look?

The word “monochromatic” breaks down into two pieces: “mono” meaning single and “chromatic” meaning colour. So a monochromatic outfit would consist of pieces of one colour

But creating a monochromatic look is not such an easy task, what many people do is create a monochromatic look with whatever colour they get. You do not have to make such a mistake.

What are the things you have to keep in mind to use monochromatic look?

Whenever you are creating a monochromatic look, make sure to do it only in neutral colours.

Image of Neutral Colours

Benefits of monochromatic look – It looks good on every skin tone and this will make you look taller.

Bonus Tip For Allu Arjun Formal Dress

Normally, when we wear formal clothes, we match the colour of our formal shoes or semi-formal shoes with the colour of our belt. Right!

But what to do in casual shoes?

Allu Arjun uses an advanced trick in this case. You will be amazed to know that when Allu Arjun wears casual or sneakers shoes with formal clothes, then he matches the colour of shoelaces with the colour of the belt.

Match belt colour with the shoelaces

I love this trick, what about you?

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