Best South Indian Movies In Hindi | Top 10 Best Suspense Thriller Movies

Here you will find the best South Indian Hindi Dubbed movies which are full of suspense thrillers, which you can watch without spending a penny.

There are some things that go on to become Universal Truth. It is almost impossible to deny those things. In the same way, believe it or not, nowadays South Indian cinema has overtaken Bollywood and is giving tough competition to Hollywood.

But even if there is a little doubt in your mind, then it is my responsibility to remove it. That is why today a special article has been brought for you, which has South India Top 10 Best Movies which is full of suspense thriller and it is also available in Hindi so that you will enjoy watching it even more.

Whereas in South Indian cinema these days, there are many such South films like Baahubali 2: The Conclusion, Robot 2.0, Bahubali: The Beginning, and Saaho which are the top 25 highest-grossing movies in India (all Indian film industries are included in it). If we talk about the graphics, editing, acting, screenplay, Music Composer, and the direction of South movies, then it has left Bollywood movies behind.

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At the end of the article, you will find the list of the top 25 highest-grossing movies in India, the top 10 Malayalam highest-grossing movies, the top 10 Kannada highest-grossing movies, and the top 10 Tamil highest-grossing movies, and the top 10 Telugu highest-grossing movies.

How To Watch Free Best South Indian Movies

Is it possible?

Yes, you can watch all the movies mentioned here absolutely free, you just need the internet. You can watch all the movies mentioned here on YouTube.

You will not have the problem of finding these movies on YouTube, I have given links to all the movies, by clicking on you can watch the movie directly.

Best South Indian Movies In Hindi | Top 10 Best Suspense Thriller Movies

All the films mentioned here are suspense thriller movies, which I have included in the list of best South Indian movies. To keep the film spoiler-free, here we will not talk about the story of the movie in more detail.

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If you love to watch suspense thriller movies, then let us know which are the top 10 best South Indian movies that you must watch.

10) U-Turn

Released in 2018, “U-Turn” is written around a mysterious flyover of Hyderabad. The film was released in Tamil and Telugu languages ​​and its Hindi dubbed version was uploaded to YouTube by Goldmines Telefilms on 15 Sep 2019.

Best South Indian Movies In Hindi

📝 Story – The entire story of this film is related to the flyover where people are strangely killed without any reason. To solve this case, both a journalist and a police officer start working together. After this, they are confronted by a soul who wants to kill people due to a strange incident done with him in the past.

So this movie is based on how a journalist and a police officer solve this case by saving their life from a soul.

👥 Cast-Crew & Detail IMDb Rating 7/10
Directed byPawan Kumar
Produced bySrinivasa Chitturi
Rambabu Bandaru
Written byPawan Kumar
Samantha Akkineni
Aadhi Pinisetty
Rahul Ravindran
Bhumika Chawla
Music byPoornachandra Tejaswi
Anirudh Ravichander
CinematographyNiketh Bommireddy
Edited bySuresh Arumugam
Production companyBR8 Creations
V. Y. Combines
Srinivasa Silver Screen
Release date13 September 2018
Source: Wikipedia

09) Okka Kshanam

“Okka Kshanam“, released in 2017, brings to us concepts like Parallel Life. That is, there are some people who, despite living in the present, can see the future and have the ability to change the future.

The film was released in Telugu language ​​and its Hindi dubbed version was uploaded to YouTube by Pen Movies as Shoorveer 2 on Oct 19, 2019.


📝 Story – In this film, the characters Jeeva and Jyothsna love each other very much, dreaming of spending their whole lives with each other. The twist in the story comes when Jeeva kills Jyothsna in parallel universe life and they both try to change it to the present.

👥 Cast-Crew & DetailIMDb Rating 7/10
Directed byVi Anand
Produced byChakri Chigurupati
Written byVi Anand (story and screenplay)
Abburi Ravi (dialogues)
StarringAllu Sirish
Seerat Kapoor
Music byMani Sharma
CinematographyShyam K Naidu
Edited byChota K Prasad
Production companyLakshmi Narasimha Entertainments
Release date28 December 2017
Source: Wikipedia

08) Irumbu Thirai

Irumbu Thirai” released in 2018, seeks to fully understand how technology can ruin people’s lives by misusing it. The film was released in the Tamil language ​​and its Hindi dubbed version was uploaded to YouTube by Goldmines Telefilms as The Return of Abhimanyu on Feb 10, 2019.


📝 Story – There is an army soldier who collects money from a bank to get his sister married, but then some bad guys use technology to steal all the money from the soldier’s bank account without his knowledge. This is followed by a fight between the hero and the villain in this movie.

👥 Cast-Crew & DetailIMDb Rating 7.7/10
Directed byP. S. Mithran
Produced byVishal
Written byP. S. Mithran
Pon Parthiban
Savari Muthu
Antony Bhagyaraj
Music byYuvan Shankar Raja
CinematographyGeorge C. Williams
Edited byRuben
Production companyVishal Film Factory
Distributed byLyca Productions
Krikes Cine Creations
Release date11 May 2018
Source: Wikipedia

07) Thadam

Thadam” is based on two twin brother’s life, which is included in 7th place in our list of Best South Indian Movies. This movie is full of suspense, you will definitely like this movie. This movie was originally released in the Tamil language but its Hindi dubbed version will be seen on YouTube on Aditya Movies Channel.


📝 Story – These two twins look completely photocopied of each other, but both are very different from each other by nature and hate each other very much. The twist in the story comes when these two brothers are arrested on a murder charge. But in reality, the whole police department has to do a lot of searching to find out the answer to who committed the murder.

👥 Cast-Crew & DetailIMDb Rating 8.2/10
Directed byMagizh Thirumeni
Produced byInder Kumar
Written byMagizh Thirumeni
StarringArun Vijay
Tanya Hope
Smruthi Venkat
Vidya Pradeep
Music byArun Raj
Edited byN. B. Srikanth
Production companyRedhan – The Cinema People
Distributed byScreen Scene Media Entertainment
Release date1 March 2019
Source: Wikipedia

06)  Maayavan

Maayavan” is a serial killer-based multi-star South film which was originally released in the Tamil language. You can watch this movie in the Hindi dubbed version on the YouTube channel WAMIndiaMovies.


📝 Story – The story of this film revolves around a serial killer and an honest police officer. It becomes a challenge for the police to catch the serial killer who murdered innocent people. Then there is an entry in the story of an honest and brave police officer who, along with finding a serial killer, is also forced to fight the cheap politics going on in the system.

👥 Cast-Crew & DetailIMDb Rating 7.3/10
Directed byC. V. Kumar
Produced byC. V. Kumar
Screenplay byNalan Kumarasamy
Story byC. V. Kumar
StarringSundeep Kishan
Lavanya Tripathi
Jackie Shroff
Daniel Balaji
Mime Gopi
R. Amarendran
Bagavathi Perumal
Music byGhibran
CinematographyGopi Amarnath
Edited byLeo John Paul
Production companyThirukumaran Entertainment
Distributed byStudio Green
Abi & Abi Pictures
Release dateDecember 14, 2017
Source: Wikipedia

05) Goodachari

Goodachari” is a secret agent-based south action/thriller film which was released in the Telugu language. The Hindi dubbed version of this movie will be seen on YouTube as Intelligent Khiladi on the Aditya Movies channel.


📝 Story – In this film, Adivi Sesh is a secret agent who works to protect the country from danger. Then the story turns such that he is arrested in the crime of killing his boss. But the matter is not so easy as there is a black secret behind this murder plan which has a connection with this agent’s father.

👥 Cast-Crew & DetailIMDb Rating 7.8/10
Directed bySashi Kiran Tikka
Produced byAbhishek Nama
T. G. Vishwa Prasad
Abhishek Agarwal
Written byAbburi Ravi (dialogues)
Screenplay bySashi Kiran Tikka
Adivi Sesh
Rahul Pakala
Story byAdivi Sesh
StarringAdivi Sesh
Sobhita Dhulipala
Madhu Shalini
Prakash Raj
Jagapathi Babu
Music bySricharan Pakala
CinematographyShaneil Deo
Edited byGarry BH
Production companyAbhishek Pictures
People Media FactoryVista Dream Merchants
Distributed byAK Entertainments
Release date3 August 2018
Source: Wikipedia

04) Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru

Theeran” is a real incidence-based action/thriller South movie whose Hindi dubbed version you will get to watch on YouTube on Goldmines Telefilms channel is also absolutely free.

Theeran-Adhigaaram-Ondru-Hindi Dubbed-Full-Movie

📝 Story – A police officer along with his team tries to solve some strange cases between 1995 and 2005. Everything from a simple-looking theft to a dangerous brain-shaking murder will be seen in this movie. The sharp-minded police officer, who has the responsibility of bringing out the mystery behind it, never gives up on his duty.

👥 Cast-Crew & DetailIMDb Rating 8.3/10
Directed byH. Vinoth
Produced byS. R. Prakashbabu
S. R. Prabhu
Written byH. Vinoth
Based onOperation Bawaria
Rakul Preet Singh
Abhimanyu Singh
Music byGhibran
CinematographySathyan Sooryan
Edited byT. Shivanandeeswaran
Production companyDream Warrior Pictures
Distributed byReliance Entertainment
Release date17 November 2017
Source: Wikipedia

03) Ratsasan

“Ratsasan” is an Action/Psychological thriller movie in the South film industry, based on a psycho killer. This movie can be called the best thriller movie in India, people had a lot of trouble watching its Hindi dubbed version as it was only shown on TV channels. But now you can also watch it on YouTube.


📝 Story After killing the innocent schoolgirls, the killer in the movie packs their body parts in a gift box. Catching this killer for the police is nothing short of a challenge. This film will entertain you until the end, this is my guarantee.

👥 Cast-Crew & DetailIMDb Rating 8.7/10
Directed byRam Kumar
Produced byG. Dilli Babu
R. Sridhar
Written byRam Kumar
StarringVishnu Vishal
Amala Paul
Music byGhibran
CinematographyP. V. Shankar
Edited bySan Lokesh
Production companyAxess Film Factory
Distributed byTrident Arts
Skylark Entertainment
T-Series (Hindi version- No theatrical release, TV release only)
Release date5 October 2018
Source: Wikipedia

02) Ulidavaru Kandanthe aka Balwaan Badshah

Ulidavaru Kandanthe” aka “Balwaan Badshah” is a Thriller/crime-based South movie. Its Hindi dubbed version was uploaded to YouTube by the Pen Movies channel.

Balwaan-Badshah -Full-Hindi-Dubbed-Movie

📝 Story – In this film, five stories are combined and all these stories are linked to a murder mystery, which everyone views from a different perspective. After this, there is an entry in the story of this film of a police officer who once dreamed of becoming a film director. Using his filmy mind, he plans to capture the killer.

👥 Cast-Crew & DetailIMDb Rating 8.4/10
Directed byRakshit Shetty
Produced byHemanth
Written byRakshit Shetty
StarringRakshit Shetty
Sheethal Shetty
Rishab Shetty
Achyuth Kumar
Yagna Shetty
Music byB. Ajaneesh Loknath
CinematographyKarm Chawla
Edited bySachin
Production companySuvin Cinemas
Release date28 March 2014
Source: Wikipedia

01) Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru

Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru” depicts a retired police officer who loses his leg in an accident during solving a crime case and spends the rest of his life as a handicapped. This is the #1 movie on our Best South Indian Movies list.


📝 Story – When he is narrating this story to another police officer this time the ending of this story blows their senses. To know the full story, watch the full movie from the link given below.

👥 Cast-Crew & DetailIMDb Rating 8.4/10
Directed byKarthick Naren
Produced byNaren
Written byKarthick Naren
Prakash Vijayaraghavan
Ashwin Kumar
Music byJakes Bejoy
CinematographySujith Sarang
Edited bySreejith Sarang
Production companyKnight Nostalgia Filmotainment
Distributed byDream Factory
Venus Infotainment
Release date29 December 2016
Source: Wikipedia

If you have seen this movie, then you must tell us in the comment whether these movies have the ability to be included in this list or not and also tell us how you liked this movie.

Top 25 Highest-Grossing (Worldwide) Indian Movies

Worldwide gross
1Dangal2016Hindi₹2,024 crores (US$311 million)
2Baahubali 2: The Conclusion2017Telugu₹1,810 crores (US$278 million)
3Bajrangi Bhaijaan2015Hindi₹969.06 crores (US$150 million)
4Secret Superstar2017Hindi₹966.86 crores (US$154 million)
5PK2014Hindi₹832 crores (US$120 million)
62.02018Tamil₹800 crores (US$123 million)
7Baahubali: The Beginning2015Telugu₹650 crore (US$101 million)
8Sultan2016Hindi₹623.33 crores (US$96 million)
9Sanju2018Hindi₹586.85 crores (US$90.12 million)
10Padmaavat2018Hindi₹585 crores (US$90 million)
11Tiger Zinda Hai2017Hindi₹565.1 crores (US$87.32 million)
12Dhoom 32013Hindi₹556 crores (US$101 million)
13War2019Hindi₹475.5 crores (US$67 million)
143 Idiots2009Hindi₹460 crores (US$88 million)
15Andhadhun2018Hindi₹456.89 crores (US$64 million)
16Saaho2019Telugu₹433.06 crores (US$61 million)
17Prem Ratan Dhan Payo2015Hindi₹432 crores (US$67 million)
18Chennai Express2013Hindi₹423 crores (US$72.19 million)
19Kick2014Hindi₹402 crores (US$66 million)
20Simmba2018Hindi₹400 crores (US$61 million)
21Happy New Year2014Hindi₹397.21 crores (US$65.08 million)
22Krrish 32013Hindi₹393.37 crores (US$61 million)
23Dilwale2015Hindi₹376.85 crores (US$58 million)
24Kabir Singh2019Hindi₹367.68 crores (US$56 million)
25Tanhaji2020Hindi₹366.36 crores (US$56 million)
Source: Wikipedia

Top 10 Highest-Grossing (Worldwide) Malayalam Movies

RankFilmYearWorldwide gross
1Lucifer2019₹175 crores (US$25 million)
2Pulimurugan2016₹152 crores (US$21 million)
3Kayamkulam Kochunni2018₹100 crores (US$14 million)
4Drishyam2013₹75 crores (US$11 million)
5Oppam2016₹65 crores (US$9.1 million)
6Premam2015₹60 crores (US$8.4 million)
7Two Countries2015₹55 crores (US$7.7 million)
8Odiyan2018₹54 crores (US$7.6 million)
9Njan Prakashan2018₹52 crores (US$7.3 million)
10Ennu Ninte Moideen2015₹50 crores (US$7.0 million)
10Ezra2017₹50 crores (US$7.0 million)
10Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol2017₹50 crores (US$7.0 million)
10Ramaleela2017₹50 crores (US$7.0 million)
Source: Wikipedia

Top 10 Highest-Grossing (Worldwide) Kannada Movies

RankFilmYearWorldwide gross
1K.G.F: Chapter 12018₹250 crores (US$35 million)
2Raajakumara2017₹75 crores (US$11 million)
3Kirik Party2016₹50 crores (US$7.0 million)
3Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari2014₹50 crores (US$7.0 million)
3Mungaru Male2006₹50 crores (US$7.0 million)
3Yajamana2019₹50 crores (US$7.0 million)
7Doddmane Hudga2016₹40 crores (US$5.6 million)
7Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna2012₹40 crores (US$5.6 million)
7Uppi 22015₹40 crores (US$5.6 million)
Source: Wikipedia

Top 10 Highest-Grossing (Worldwide) Tamil Movies

RankFilmYearWorldwide gross
1Baahubali 2: The Conclusion2017₹1,810 crores (US$250 million)
22.02018₹800 crores (US$122.85)
3Baahubali: The Beginning2015₹650 crores (US$101.32 million) 
4Saaho2019₹433.06 crores (US$61 million) 
5Bigil2019₹300 crores (US$46.07 million)
6Enthiran2010₹290 crores (US$63.04 million)
7Kabali2016est.₹499 crores (US$77 million)
8Mersal2017₹260 crores (US$39.93 million)
8Sarkar2018₹260 crores (US$39 million)
10Petta2019₹250 crores (US$35 million)
Source: Wikipedia

Top 10 Highest-Grossing (Worldwide) Telugu Movies

RankFilmYearWorldwide gross
1Baahubali 2: The Conclusion2017₹1,810 crores (US$250 million) 
2Baahubali: The Beginning2015₹650 crores (US$101.32 million) 
3Saaho2019₹433.06 crores (US$61 million) 
4Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo2020₹262 crores (US$37 million)
5Sarileru Neekevvaru2020₹260 crores (US$36 million)
6Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy2019₹240.60 crores (US$61 million)
7Bharat Ane Nenu2018₹225 crores (US$32 million)
8Rangasthalam2018₹216 crores (US$30 million)
9Maharshi2019₹200 crores (US$28 million)
10Attarintiki Daredi2013₹187 crores (US$26 million)
Source: Wikipedia

Final Word

So, guys, these are the best South Indian movies and top 10 suspense thriller movies. After seeing those, you will become a fan of South Cinema’s true heart and it may also be that you delete the word Bollywood from your dictionary forever.

Any suspense thriller movie (Which is entitled to join this list) that you do not get listed here among the best South Indian movies. Tell me the name of that film but keep in mind that the movie should be South’s movie.

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