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Why Indian Celebrity?

  • Indian Celebrity is India’s best-growing biography niche website.
  • If you are a public figure, you can display your profile on our website and let your fans find you among the top celebrities in India.
  • Your profile will appear on the first page of Google for your name search (provided your name doesn’t conflict with any other celebrity on the Internet).
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Conditions for getting a profile on Indian Celebrity

If you want to create your profile on Indian Celebrity, please read the following conditions:

  • You or your client should be a bit famous in some aspects.
  • You must provide all the details you want to put in your profile and the images.
  • The fixed price for creating a profile on our website is Rs. 499 (No Invoice & No Refund)
  • If you qualify the criteria or have any doubts, you can email us at

The process of publishing a profile

  • Pay the amount of Rs 499 by clicking on the payment button given at the end of this page.
  • After paying the fee, email us your profile data with images, our editor will publish the profile in the next 24 working hours and you will receive the published URL of your profile via email.