MS Dhoni Retirement | 6 Sacrifices That MS Dhoni Has Done For India

MS Dhoni Retirement| This is very bad news for India because MS Dhoni (Mahendra Singh Dhoni), the most successful captain of the Indian cricket team, has taken retirement from international cricket.

Dhoni played his last international match for India in the 2019 World Cup against New Zealand. He announced his retirement through a post on his Instagram.

MS Dhoni Retirement Announcement

He achieved a lot of achievements from his outstanding performance, apart from his career there were many such moments which we cannot judge in runs and stats.

Today, due to his selfless and cool nature, he is known as one of the best captains in the whole world. If you have seen the movie M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story then you will definitely be aware of Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Struggle and his Journey, but here some things will be told about Mahendra Dhoni, knowing that your respect will increase even more for him.

6 Sacrifices That MS Dhoni Has Done For India Before His Retirement

1) Whenever the Indian team won the series under Dhoni’s captaincy, Dhoni would always hand over the winning money to the young players of the team and stand on the side away from the limelight and Dhoni believes that such youngsters get exposure in the team and never feel like an outsider.

While Virat Kohli was settling in the team, Dhoni used to give the winning trophy to Kohli. Dhoni believed that this would boost the morale of teammates. Then when India won the Champions Trophy in 2013, Dhoni gave Jadeja the winning trophy. After Dhoni has won the tournament several times, Dhoni is seen the farthest in the celebrations. The biggest example of this is the 2011 World Cup celebrations where Dhoni was rarely seen with the World Cup trophy.

2) Under Dhoni’s captaincy, when the Indian team reached the rank in the Test match for the first time, they were given the award according to ICC tradition. When asked what is the mantra of his success, he said that it is the effort of the whole team, not the individual.

The most important feature of Dhoni is that Dhoni never praises or criticizes individual performance, for him, it always matters the performance of the team.

3) Despite not being the captain of the Indian team, Dhoni’s contribution to the team did not decrease. It was Dhoni who proved to Virat that the players who perform well in all three formats should be kept in the highest salary category which meant that Dhoni’s own salary will also be reduced because he does not play Test cricket.

In 2018, many new players A Plus contracts were given, in which Rohit Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jaspreet Bumrah and Shikhar Dhawan. Virat Kohli said in one of his interviews that Dhoni had his contract cancelled, due to which two more players were given A plus contracts.

4) In 2016, when Dhoni was out while batting against Zimbabwe, the wicket bails hit Dhoni’s eye. he was advised not to do wicketkeeping in the second innings as he was getting blurred with one eye but Dhoni never Even if no match was left in this way. he decided that despite the injury, he would do wicketkeeping.

If Dhoni wanted he could have left it because the match was with Zimbabwe and India would beat Zimbabwe comfortably. Nevertheless, Dhoni, as always, kept the need of the team at the top priority and also went out to play in injury.

5) In 2015, when Dhoni’s daughter Jeeva was born, Dhoni was away from his wife and child, playing the World Cup in Australia. This situation was very difficult for Dhoni as every father wishes that he be with his family at the time of the birth of his child, but when Dhoni was asked at the World Cup press conference why he did not return to India for his daughter. So Dhoni said that

I am currently on national duty and representing the Indian team in the World Cup. My country is more important to me than anything else.

Dhoni’s statement clearly shows how much passion he had for the Indian team and always tried to make his country proud. This why people say that there is no one like Mahi.

6) During the last season of the match, when Sourav Ganguly was playing the last match of his career in the 2008 India-Australia Test series, Dhoni requested Sourav to be the captain of India. This request of Dhoni was accepted by Ganguly and took over the captaincy of the Indian team for several overs.

Dhoni had become the new captain of the Indian team at that time, but still, Dhoni did not stop respecting his seniors. Everyone supported Dhoni’s gestures. Ganguly still considers Dhoni a selfless team player.

MS Dhoni Retirement| So here were some facts about Dhoni that hardly anyone will know, if you are a true fan of Dhoni, then share this article with your friends and comment to us, who is your best Indian captain.

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