Nepotism | Why No One Talk About Nepotism In South Cinema

Friends, Nepotism is a word that is presently spoken on every Indian’s tongue. What is the atmosphere of nepotism in Bollywood, we probably do not need to tell because you have already seen thousands of news about it, but now What about South Cinema?

Today we will tell you about nepotism in South Industry and also why we do not talk of nepotism in South Industry. If you want to know about the South Cinema’s nepotism and that Star Kids who became successful in the film industry with the help of their family then you will definitely read this article till the end.

I would like to tell you that when Alia Bhatt was asked about nepotism, what she said was:

I want to punch all those people who say that star kids have it easy because it makes no sense. The way the world is today, either you have it or you don’t.

First of all, you are survive due to nepotism in the film industry and then you are saying this instead of giving credit to your fans and family. Now tell me one thing, if it is not easy for Star Kids to enter the industry, then why did Tiger Shroff say in an interview given to GQ Magazine

I would have never made it to acting if I had to go through an audition. Sajid Nadiadwala happened to ‘find’ me

And why did Sara Ali Khan say

I definitely believe that knowing people in the industry does help

If we talk about the South Film Industry, then all the actors who are in the industry due to nepotism always give credit to their fans and parents for their success.

South Actors Who Enter into Film Industry due to Nepotism

Puneeth Rajkumar

If we talk about Kannada industry star Puneeth Rajkumar, he never denied acknowledging that he is at this stage because of his father and fans. For your information, let us tell you that his father Dr Rajkumar is one of the biggest actors of Indian cinema, not only in the Kannada industry.

Puneeth Rajkumar with his Father

His acting performance in the movie earned him a place in the Top 25 Greatest Acting Performance of Indian Cinema in 2013 at Forbes.


Prabhas is one of the biggest actors of the Telugu industry at the moment, his father was also a famous Telugu film producer. Most of you know about Prabhas’s Humble Nature. The love he has for his fans is not hidden from anyone.

Prabhas with his Father

Prabhas’ father’s name is Uppalapati Surya Narayan Raju and his movie banner is Gopi Krishna Movies. It would not be wrong that Prabhas got an opportunity in the film industry without being straggled because of his father, but he never forgot that.

Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan came to the film industry because of his elder brother Megastar Chiranjeevi and today he has a huge fan-base on the basis of his hard work. Today he is one of the highest-paid actors as well as a youth icon. He has inspired many people because of which he is called Inspiring Star.

Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi

Mahesh Babu

Currently, Mahesh Babu is one of the most successful and talented actors of Tollywood, he is the son of Krishna, the biggest superstar of the Telugu industry. When Mahesh started his career, he was called the son of superstar Krishna and today his father is called the father of superstar Mahesh Babu.

Mahesh Babu with his Father

Mahesh Babu’s journey from an actor to a superstar has not been easy, but he has made a comeback with a blockbuster film every time he has faced failure. So he always attributes his current situation to his fans. It recently became the first South Indian actor to reach 10 million followers on Twitter.

Junior NTR

Junior NTR is the most talented actor of the present generation of Tollywood. His acting skill is mind-blowing, his emotional always seem real in movies. There was a time in his life when he did a lot of bad movies. He proves himself as a great actor, backing up with good movies.

Junior NTR with Nandamuri Harikrishna

Let us tell you that Junior NTR is the grandson of Telugu actor and ex-chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, NT Rama Rao and his father Nandamuri Harikrishna was also an actor, producer and politician.


Ramcharan also came into the industry due to his father Chiranjeevi and his first movie was a hit but his real talent came in front of people from his second movie Magadheera.

Ramcharan with his Father Chiranjeevi

Apart from this, he won the hearts of people with his acting in his 2018 movie Rangasthalam. The film proved to be a blockbuster at the box office.

Allu Arjun

Allu Arjun who is the nephew of Chiranjeevi, as well as the son of a topmost film producer and distributor Allu Aravind. He is currently the only actor in the Telugu industry whose fan following is more than the South in the North and people eagerly wait for the Hindi dubbed version of his movies.

Allu Arjun with his father Allu Arvind

He is an amazing actor as well as a style icon and a great dancer. He is known as Stylish Star.

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If you talk about the Tamil industry, then you will also see nepotism there. The current more successful actor of Tamil cinema, Vijay’s father S. A. Chandrasekhar is also a director. Today, at the stage where he is, he is also on the strength of his hard work.

Actor Vijay with her father S. A. Chandrasekhar

At the beginning of his career, Vijay was criticized for his acting and dancing, but he worked hard on his acting and dancing and established himself as an amazing actor.

Surya and Karthi

Surya initially flopped several films that today he is one of the best actors in Tamil industry. Surya is the son of actor Shivakumar.

Surya with his father and Brother

Shivakumar’s second son Karthi is also the most talented actor in the Tamil industry today. If you have seen Karthi’s previous film Kaithi, then you would know about his acting skills.


Another actor from Tamil industry Dhanush who is the son of director Kasturi Raja, his brother Selvaraghavan is also a director. He also made his debut movie along with his brother.

Dhanush with his father Kasturi Raja

Initially stage of his career, people used to judge him for his looks but his talent overpowered his look. Apart from being an excellent actor, Dhanush is also a tremendous singer. Their songs are Rowdy Baby and Kolaveri Di on YouTube, currently the most viewed Tamil song. Let me tell you that Rowdy Baby has got 886 million views on YouTube at this time.


Apart from this, there were many such actors through nepotism who have not been able to show anything amazing yet, like Nagarjuna’s son Akhil, Allu Arjun’s brother Allu Sirish.

This also makes it clear that whatever the background of any actor is, he can leave his mark here only on the basis of his acting in the industry. See nepotism even in the south, but here the star family actors never behave like a star, this thing has a lot of humble and down to earth, which is not at all in Bollywood.

This is the reason that actors from the normal background such as Vijay Devarakonda, Nani, Sivakarthikeyan and Vijay Sethupathi are also going to star in the South. If we look at South Indian movies, the culture of the South is shown very well there but Hindi culture is not seen in Bollywood at all.

Most of the top actors in the South industry are belongs to the Star family, but the special thing is that it is clear that it has been relatively easy for them to come into the industry and they always give credit to their fans and family. Like Bollywood actors, South actors do not do a stunt for publicity.

You may know many Bollywood actors and actresses whose acting career is a flop, but still, they try to keep themselves in the limelight. Actors of star families in the South maintain the degeneracy of their families and always keep their personal and professional lives separate.

We hope that you have understood that despite having more nepotism than Bollywood in South Industry, why doesn’t anyone talk about nepotism there, Bollywood needs to learn a lot from South Industry at this time.

If the nepotism-turned-star kids who don’t even know the “A” of acting? If his films keep going then it is no surprise if today Sushant Singh Rajput has committed suicide, tomorrow some other outsider can take this extreme step. We request you to support good films and boycott bad films. Whatever the actor is.

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